Order Deadlines for Pre-Christmas Deliveries 2023

Find out when to purchase to be sure your order arrives before Christmas!
How The Rogue2 Carbon Paddles Compare to the Competition Reading Order Deadlines for Pre-Christmas Deliveries 2023 3 minutes Next 200+ MPH Pickleball?!?

UPDATE: As of 12/18, unless you use expediting shipping with a guaranteed delivery date, you paddle will likely not be delivered until after Christmas! Be sure to pay close attention to shipping estimates and remember that since Christmas morning is a Monday and the weekend are not considered business days, you'll need to estimate accordingly!


It's December 1st and the holiday season is fully upon us, which means we are all knee deep in the Christmas shopping season! If you're looking to buy a product from us and have it under the tree Christmas morning, please pay close attention to the shipping dates below. These are our conservative deadlines, based on our experiences with shipping timelines.

We will be shipping out orders every business day (Monday through Friday) between now and Christmas. Our daily outgoing order pickup typically happens around 2PM PST. Orders placed before that time will ship out that same day. Orders placed after that time may not ship out until the next day. As I'm sure you can understand, once a package is in the hands of the shipping companies, we cannot control how long they take, especially during the holidays when we are all busy online shopping and their workloads are very full!

  • Free Shipping Option: This typically takes 4-8 days, depending on your proximity to us in Washington State, but we've seen it take as long as two weeks in some cases. For that reason, we recommend ordering no later than December 10.
  • Apparel & Mugs: These items are printed to order, which means they typically take a week or more before they ship, then another several days to arrive. For these reasons, we recommend ordering no later than December 10.
  • Other/Expedited Shipping Options: During checkout, our website will provide an estimated delivery duration. Keep in mind that the estimate given is "Business Days" and does not include weekends. This means if you order on a Friday and it estimates 3 days shipping, your order likely will not arrive until the following Wednesday. Also, these timelines are an estimate and delays are common during the busy holiday shipping season! Calculate your own deadline based on the estimated time provided by our website, and add at least two days cushion, just in case!
  • "Guaranteed Delivery" Shipping Options: The only guaranteed delivery shipping options are shown below. Remember to order before 1pm PST to be sure your order gets shipped that day!

As always, THANK YOU so much for your support! It's an honor to make these paddles and ship our products out to you daily. Happy Holidays to all! ❤️

Email us at support@playerspickleball.com for more information

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