CONTROL (Carbon) -VS- POWER (Fiberglass)

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Players Pickleball: Making Paddles in the USA since 2014

Craftsmanship & Performance

Hand-Built in the USA

We are one of the last pickleball paddle companies still building our paddles by hand in the USA. Every single paddle we sell is created with care in our small shop just outside of Bellingham, Washington! We ship our paddles directly from our shop to players of all levels worldwide who are looking for a high performance paddle at a fair price with no unecessary markup.

What Makes our paddles different?


All Rogue paddles feature our proprietary Gel-Core, which reduces vibration and broadens the sweet spot. It's unlike anything on the market and provides performance you can feel!

Exceptional performance at an intentionally lower price

Top-shelf materials, carefully hand-crafted in the USA with more features than the competition, sold directly to you to cut out the middle man.

One Tree Planted for Every Paddle Sold!

Get to know us better

Players Pickleball: In a Nutshell

We're a small company possessed by the strong desire to do things differently, both with the products we make and with the way we operate and live our day-to-day lives.

Company Timeline

Composite Materials & Sporting Goods

Our Co-founder, Mike, with a team of fellow innovators, develops cutting-edge composite hockey sticks & golf club shafts.