Players Pickleball Technology

Our innovative paddle designs feature:

  • Gel-Core Technology: Silicone-Infused Aramid technology is a first in the sport and represents the heart of our uncompromising approach to paddle making and our willingness to go the extra mile in our processes. Our proprietary hybrid core undergoes a multi-step manufacturing process to retain the rigidity of a nomex-like core while benefiting from the vibration reduction of polypropylene-like cores. It's a best-of-both-worlds solution that makes a paddle that can outperform others in double-blind tests with players of all skill levels.

    Available in the Rogue SIRogue RSI, and Rogue ESI paddles.

  • TMD - Targeted Mass Distribution and the Contoured Edge Guard 


    Here are the benefits:

    • "TMD - Targeted Mass Distribution": We know that moving the mass outward on the paddle increases its moment of inertia (in layman's terms, this means it makes the paddle less likely to twist with an off-center hit). 
    • Added Impact Durability: The thicker corners make for better protection against the inevitable impact between the paddle and the immovable.
    • Weight Reduction: Keeping the edge guard thin away from the corners keeps the overall weight down, meaning mass can be added to critical other areas of the paddle (hint--"Gel-Core"--and more).
    • Visual Style: The until-now neglected area of the edge guard can be stylized with logos designs, and more. 

    Available in the Rogue SIRogue RSIRogue ESI, and Scout paddles.

  • ExoFrame Edge Guard Technology: Get optimal durability and an unrivaled look. No more torn rubber bumpers or damaged cores from corner impacts with the ground. Available on the Avant paddles.
    ExoFrame Edge Guard
  • V-Strut Handle Support: Feel the added rigidity and predictable performance created by our innovative strut design that helps you put the ball exactly where you want it, every time. Available on the Avant paddles.
    V-Strut Handle Support
  • Design-Your-Own Mix & Match Signature Edition: Design the best paddle for you! Choose the core materials based on your own preference, then mix and match colors to suit your style using our easy and intuitive Paddle Configurator! Available on the Avant paddles.
    Online Paddle Configurator