Doing what we can do to keep this planet healthy for all of us to continue to enjoy is incredibly important to us at Players Pickleball. We strive to accomplish this through our "Healthy Planet" initiative. 

This initiative is a multi-step and unending process to do what we can as a small business to reduce our impact and increase awareness in all that we do.

  • Plant a Tree for Every Paddle Sold.
    Yes, you read that correctly. We vow to plant a tree for every paddle we sell. Paddle making is our game--not tree planting, so we've partnered with the charities "Trees for the Future" and "One Tree Planted" to accomplish this. 
    Learn more about Trees for the Future and One Tree Planted.Trees for the Future LogoOne Tree Planted
  • Eliminate Unnecessary Waste and All Non-Biodegradable Material From our Shipping Packaging
    Every day we package paddles and send them out to our customers. In that process, we realized we were inadvertently sending out volumes of materials without even thinking about it. One at a time it doesn't seem like much, but it all adds up. It got us thinking about how to reduce the thoughtless waste and through that process we managed to eliminate it all. Our paddles now ship with only recycled, paper-based materials and boxes, packing paper, and corn starch adhesive tape. And we manage to do with with a bit of style!Eco-Friendly Packaging Materials