How The Rogue2 Carbon Paddles Compare to the Competition

What sets the Players Pickeball Rogue2 Carbon apart from the other carbon paddles on the market? Find out with this handy comparison chart!
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It's no secret that more and more paddle companies are starting up every day. Overseas factories are pumping out paddles as quickly as pickleball players will buy them, but is there really anything unique about one versus the other? In the case of our paddles, we can say "absolutely". Check it out for yourself:

Our paddles don't just come from some nameless/faceless overseas factory. We build them ourselves in our shop in Washington State, adding performance-enhancing features you won't find anywhere else. We're not new to this game and have been developing and manufacturing paddles for a decade now and combined, out co-founders have nearly 50 years of sporting goods product development experience! 

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