Don't just take our word for it--listen to what other players are saying:

About the CARBON Rogue2/2E/2Q/2MAX:

"I started developing tennis elbow with my first paddle. I switched to a Players Rogue2 fiberglass and the pain went away. I was a test engineer for 30 years and appreciated the test data presented on the Players web page. I purchased the Rogue2 Carbon last year, along with telling fellow players about Players. This morning, 3 of the 4 paddles on the court were Rogue2."

-Robert, Huntsville, AL | February 2024


"Am playing with a Rogue 2E [Carbon] and really enjoying it. Have already gotten another member of my club to get one as well. Terrific feel and control. Highly recommend this paddle. Added bonus - company is really easy to work with - outstanding customer service."

-Tony Yadouga, Manchester, NJ | February 2024


"I love this paddle... Rogue2 Carbon. I play with more touch at the kitchen...and can smash hard shots with topspin that will never fly out of bounds....I've let all of my friends try daughter bought one and four of my friends because it instantly improved our abilities."

-Rob Tedone, GA  | December 2023


"Received my Rogue 2 Carbon Hybrid last week. I have now played two sessions with it and absolutely love it! Great feel and control. One of the people I play with already ordered one for himself and several others are impressed and may order. I was drawn to this company because I lived in the Seattle area for many years and am familiar with where the game began. Who better to give a chance than a business born from that culture. From the ordering to the delivery of the product they have not disappointed. Would highly recommend them!!"

- Ken, Nebo, NC | July 2023


"Awesome paddle, offers power, spin and amazing control all in one. Highly recommend it."

-Nick Patterson, Monument, CO


"I received my new carbon max paddle 2 weeks ago. This is my 11th paddle since I started playing. By far the most consistent paddle I have ever played with! Third shot drops are easy! I am able to place shots with accuracy down the line or cross court. The paddle provides a good amount of spin on serves and volleys. I am not a power player and this paddle fits my game great. I can still put the ball away and now I have more opportunities because of my increased control and placement! I’ve paid $150- 200+ for paddles that are not as consistent or controllable. I play with a finger up and the short handle on the max works great! You can pay more if you want but you don’t need to. GREAT PADDLE!!"



"I'm fairly new to pickleball, and coming from other racquet sports I realize the value of having a paddle that fits your game. I place a huge value on feel. I was just playing one of the hottest paddles on the market, and sent it back because the feedback was lacking in my opinion. I am trying to develop an all around game that will suit me for years, allow me to play with/against any other style. I have power paddles, and control paddles in my bag. I studied the tech on Players website, and was intrigued. I have only spent one day drilling, and two days playing the Carbon Rogue2 hybrid shape. I already feel confident in the paddle on the court. It is well balanced in terms of power, and control. Every paddle is a compromise in one way, or another. This paddle has me scratching my head trying to figure out where they compromised. Definitely my favorite in the bag. Players marketing concept make it a great value in today's world, and I hope that they retain their core values. ...[REVIEW UPDATED 2 WEEKS LATER]...  I just noticed that I have been playing with my Rogue2 Carbon Hybrid shape paddle for nearly a month now. I have a couple of other competitors paddles in my bag, but to be honest I have not taken them out of the bag since I started using this paddle. I have loaned it to a couple of others for a game, usually taking their paddle to use for the game. Clearly, I have the better paddle. The best feedback that I have gotten is that there is no hand shock with this paddle. The Rogue2 carbon is really understated, and I like that. Hard to think of a reason why I'd play another paddle. This one suits an all around game."

-Dave Scrivener


"I just received my Rogue2 MAX Carbon (Maximum Face) and after just one day (4 games), I’m in love! It took a game for me to accustomed to the new characteristics, which was quicker than other new paddles I’ve had to adapt to. This paddle is effortless, has tons of power, and the best control and spin of any paddle I’ve ever used! Such a perfect combination of characteristics. Feels great in the hand and solid when you’re hitting. Not to mention, this paddle is gorgeous! The carbon fiber face (which will continue to create more spin as I use it) looks super cool. No gaudy icons or weird designs. Everyone noticed it and was asking me about it. If you have smaller hands and don’t use two hands for a backhand, the MAX shape is perfect. It’s got a small grip to allow for more hitting surface (which is nice). But for big guys with large hands, go for another shape aside from the MAX. Love it love it love it! Thanks for a great paddle."

-An awesome customer who wishes to remain anonymous


"I got my Rogue 2 Carbon paddle a few months ago. Since using it my shot consistency has been better than ever, and my power shots have more zip. This paddle outperforms others costing way more money. I just earned the Bronze medal in the Ohio Games Paddle Battle using this paddle. Don’t waste dollars and time, buy the Rogue 2 Carbon and see the difference for yourself!"

-Mark Arthur, Grove City, OH


"I started playing Pickleball in October of 2020 indoors. I was hooked from the first shot I took. My friend handed me a wooden starter paddle, and it was game on from there. The problem was that it was during the trying times of the pandemic. I started doing some research on paddles over the internet, I don't recall how I got to Players Pickleball but I'm sure glad I did. I tried friends paddles, played with a lot of them but could not settle for anyone of them. While going through your website I was impressed with the technology, you seemed to share with the Pickleball community. Not even to date can you go to the big names websites and get any info on how they came to be. I settled for the Players Rogue 2 Max with the Gel Core Technology. What a weapon! From the first time I stepped on to the pickleball courts, the feel of power and control was unbelievable. I have since ordered the the Rogue 2 Carbon (Hybrid) and can't believe how much more spin and control, with out losing any power, I have with this weapon! I definitely would recommend it to anyone. Plus the price is unbelievable, compared to the $150.00 and up one can spend on a new Pickleball paddle. Please continue to improve your products and you have a loyal fan for life."

-Halo Martinez, Antioch, CA


"The Rogue2 Carbon Hybrid helped me medal in the PPA North Carolina Open after only playing for 3 months! (50+ 3.5 Singles) As owner/sole proprietor of my own residential real estate company, I appreciate what it's like to be of a lesser known brand... yet higher quality!"

- Broker Bryan" Kalentek, Concord, NC


"I am super happy with the Rogue 2 Carbon! Like many newcomers, I found the list of specifications to be very daunting and confusing across the vast number of paddle brands. After outgrowing my starter paddle, I figured the only way to really sort through the clutter was to demo different options in my local community. Luckily, everyone was eager to loan out their equipment. Some had nice control, but left me trying to muscle strokes to generate any kind of power. Others were very powerful but lacked any sort of control. And yet, there were others that were incredibly forgiving but difficult to place shots. Until I finally found Players Pickleball Rogue 2 (non-Carbon). It was the absolute best balance of every category. I immediately went and purchased one and it became my main paddle. The only thing I had wished was that there was a carbon face to combat all the other popular carbon paddles. More power and control never hurt anyone, right? Less than two weeks later, the Rogue 2 Carbon was announced and I didn’t need to wait for reviews to convince me to buy it. This is everything I ever wanted in a paddle! In the last 4 months, it has helped me significantly improve my game and my consistency. It has held up really well with over 20 hours of play a week and I never hesitate to recommend it to others. It has garnered so much curiosity in my community that now almost a dozen of my friends have gone out and ordered one for themselves! If you’re on the fence, I wouldn’t hesitate any longer—this paddle is the GOAT!"

-Raymund, Honolulu HI


"I started playing pickleball in September 2021 and used the [competitor paddle]. It was a good paddle until it was giving me tennis elbow pain from the vibration. The paddle was it wasn't forgiving enough for off-center shots and my third shot drops and defensive drops from the transition zone were too high that it were attackable. I decided to look for a paddle that was forgiving enough and has good control. There were a lot of choices but I ended up with Players. I was skeptic when I read the testimonials but I gave it a try anyway and bought the Rogue2Max Carbon. When I tried it first, maannnnnn... there was an instant connection with this paddle! The vibrations were dampened but you can still feel the ball as it hits the paddle, which helped my tennis elbow. The paddle is very forgiving and it does not warp or wobble as much with off-center shots, giving me better control. The control on this paddle is unbelievable and the sweet spot is huge! I can go toe-to-toe with higher level players during firefights (fast exchanges) due to the huge sweet spot and off-center shots forgiveness from this paddle. My defensive drops from the transition zone got way better. I've been playing this paddle for a month now and I love it!"

-Paul, NM


About the Rogue2/Rogue2E/Rogue2Q/Rogue2MAX:

"I love this paddle (rogue2 Fiberglass hybrid shape), the paddle has a very solid feel which helps me play more consistent, the hybrid shape helps tremendously with play on windy days. Now and then I try a friends new paddle but none of them give me the control I need. Coming from a tennis background I tend to swing a little too much, I feel the gel-core help keep the ball in control, yet at the same time there is plenty of power for put away shorts. I have played with this paddle for 3 years and cannot feel a loss of power or spin."

-Stan, Indianapolis, IN | December 2023


"I've only been playing pickleball for 5 months now, but two to three times a week during those months. I was always using a cheap starter paddle. I wasn't quite convinced a better paddle would improve my play that much. I had borrowed a friends high end paddle and didn't notice much difference in my play. I was proven wrong within the first few points when playing with a Players Pickleball paddle. I felt like I was hitting the sweet spot on almost every swing. Noticeably less unforced errors and I was landing shots just inside the lines all day. Makes pickleball even more fun...which I didn't know was possible."

-David OConnor, Bellingham WA


"I recently made a leap in my Pickleball level, which means playing people hitting harder and faster and better!  I’ve been using a [competitor paddle] but playing against a lot of power players I didn’t feel completely confident. And I found it a little hard to maneuver at the net. I also use a [competitor paddle], a paddle with a longer handle than most. So I knew what I was looking for in a new paddle, what I wanted the grip to feel like, handle length, power and touch. I decided to try the Rogue2 because a coach I respect uses it and thinks highly of it, as well as the ethics of the company who makes it. Having designed and manufactured myself, it was easy to see these guys had the know how and passion to create a better paddle.  I like this paddle more each day I use it.  It is so well balanced, it improves all my shots and the level of my play.  My shots are more crisp and paced;  it is very responsive and plenty powerful, but I have lots of control.  Really it nailed all the things I wanted to change and put them in one stellar paddle.  It does a great job with vibration dampening which is really important to me.  I am not sure there is a thing I would change. The paddle is just so well balanced.  My coach tried it and liked the feel a lot.  It is different in a good way."

- Elizabeth H.


"Best paddle I have ever owned or tried. I have upgraded with each paddle I have owned trying to balance control, spin and pop. The Rogue 2 is the first paddle that has not compromised in any category. The available spin matches any type of paddle and probably exceeds most. The control with the extended sweet spot is real and not hyped. I have never used a paddle like this one that has no dead spots; even close to edges. The pop is all there too. I can hit everything from controlled dinks to full bore deep topspin driving shots. I won't mention other brands that I own but will say that I own 4 other major brands and my quest has ended. The only reason I can think of getting a new paddle is changing to a Rogue 2E for the extended length or if for some reason they innovate again and somehow improve something that for me is perfect already. I took a risk and ordered based on the many testimonials outside of this website. I haven't been more pleased with a purchase than this one. It's the first time that I can't blame a paddle for my bad shots... The customer service was impeccable too. I requested the heaviest they could provide and they hand picked one for me a few days later from the latest production run, communicating with me each step of the way. They made me feel like family; remarkable buying experience buying direct."
- Christopher Tebo, San Antonio


"I have only been playing pickleball for about 4 months. Once I started, I was hooked. This is one sport that can be an equalizer - young, old, male, female. I have been playing 2-3 times a week. I tried a few paddles and did my research before I invested in a quality paddle. I was looking for a "forgiving" paddle for mis-hits and one that would help me with more touch. I am very happy with the Rogue2. It allows me a good balance between power and control. The paddle surface has a good grip for spinning shots. As my skills grow, I will grow into this paddle even more. I highly recommend this paddle for anyone wanting an excellent quality product for an overall game enhancer."
- Bryan Wheeler, Florence KY


"I'm in LOVE with this paddle! At first I was concerned about the Rogue2 Hybrid's smallish paddle face, but fears immediately disappeared once I found that practically entire face IS the sweet spot! Unbelievable stability & rock-solid consistent contact. Nearly zero mis-hits in first 3 hours of play! LOTS of power, but without that ball jumping off paddle feel with "power paddles" (or say a [competitor paddle].) My serves and volleys have significantly more ZIP than my go-to paddle of 2020-2021 ([competitor paddle]) Yet also with more consistency! Power & control are supposed to be mutually exclusive in Pball paddles. No more. And it helps that the Rogue2 face has an excellent texture for spin. My top spin dropped harder than ever before (including a year with [competitor paddle] & a dalliance with the sandpaper surface [competitor paddle]...) My serve simply has never been better. Multiple aces on Day 1! While Rogue2 just a tad less touch IMHO than my [competitor paddle], this is more than made up for with the incredible sweet spot and mass-loaded GelCore tech that nearly negates mis-hits! It’s true, off-axis hits don’t twist the paddle in your hand like other paddles, resulting in hits down into net or worse, dreaded lifts... Plus a wonky paddle angle ruins any hope of a decent defensive return shot in a firefight. Initially Rogue2 feels a bit heavy relative to other paddles that carry bulk of weight in the handle; but after just a few games, the Rogue2 feels like a perfectly balanced weapon in your hands. I'm sure anyone who applies lead tape to the edges of their paddles (to compensate for their inherently poor weight distribution) will love the feel of the Rogue2 right out of the box. I also love the small 4-3/16 & tennis racquet-like hexagon shaped grip. This enables quick angle adjustments, while readily communicating to the brain where exactly your paddle is facing -- yet another boost to shot consistency. I worried the smaller (than [competitor paddle] & [competitor paddle]) surface area would hurt my blocking at kitchen, but all the above combines to noticeably IMPROVE my blocking consistency, especially with placing even snap reaction block shots where I intended. Even with a wicked case of plantar fasciitis, I had perhaps my best day of Pickleball right out of the gate with the Rogue2! I’m a still spry 52-year-old former JV tennis player and 4-year Pball vet with a 4.0 level repertoire of shots, but has been mired at 3.5 due to inconsistency -- thanks to adult-onset ADD and a terrible habit of not watching the ball to the paddle. Thus I'm notorious for a phenomenal shot immediately followed by a real stinker, and vice-versa. Yet with the Rogue2, nearly every single stroke had that glorious well-hit ball feeling that you get only at the dead-center of a sweet spot! And I’m simply not THAT good. I would get this feeling perhaps half of time with the [competitor paddle]; less with previous paddles. I can finally smell 4.0! I may never use another paddle! Well, at least until the Rogue3...  Bravo Players Pickleball. I had been slightly skeptical, but your tech is legit!"

- Jeff Helmes, Garnet Valley PA


 "The Rogue2E - Simply amazing! There are three reasons: 1. Vibration Dampening: I immediately felt the difference from the special carbon fiber throat reinforcement and my "pickle" elbow symptoms disappeared. 2. Ball Control & Placement: The Gel-Core seems to absorb impact allowing the ball to stay on the paddle just a little longer to deliver shots with superb accuracy. 3. Spin: The textured face combined with the Gel-Core can create remarkable spin. Top, side or backspin. My pickleball friends were in disbelief of my new serves."

-Mark Cywinski, Lake Oswego, OR


"Now that I’ve had an opportunity to play with my new Rogue 2, I thought I’d share my thoughts about it and my Rogue SI. I own quite a few paddles. And, as a pickleball coach, referee, and author, I have had the opportunity to test many more. When I’m just playing recreationally for fun, I may use another brand of paddle. But when I’m serious, I always use one of my Rogues. (Yes, I’ve bought several.)  It’s true that the Rogues are much less expensive than their competitors. But that’s not why I use them. If I thought that a more expensive paddle would perform better, I’d use it. Both the Rogue SI and Rogue 2 share some characteristics that I really like. The sweet spot on both paddles is very large. The paddles respond the same regardless of where on the blade I contact the ball. And I really like your choice of grip materials. Tackiness it just right to provide a solid grip. The weight of both paddles is perfect for me. Heavy enough to give good power. Light enough to be quick. I like the wider blade of the Rogue SI slightly better than the blade of the Rogue 2. But that is just personal preference. I’m completely comfortable taking either onto the court against tough opponents. Thanks for building such great paddles."


"I got my paddle this AM and played four games with it and love the feel of the paddle and the dinking is really good. When I put spin on the ball it really took.
As of today I love this paddle and it is less than 8 ozs and I am less than 78 years young. Glad I got it."
- Mark Frohman, Grapevine, Texas


"I've been playing with my new Rogue 2 for about three weeks now and I must say, I freakin love this paddle! I really like how the single edge guard piece helps limit paddle head flex. Also, the carbon fiber throat reinforcement does an incredible job dampening vibration. The gel core injection obviously provides a huge sweet spot to the paddle that is much larger than many competitor's paddles. No question about that. One thing I didn't like about the paddle were the stickers on the carbon fiber throat. I like to play with my index finger on the paddle face and the stickers made that a little bit awkward. My quick solution was to peel the stickers off! No more problem there for me!
I have to say, I am super impressed with the whole Players team. USPS was not tracking my package correctly, but Josh at Players kept on eye on the status of my package to ensure that it got to me. It is not very common that an (co)owner of a company will email you directly about your purchase. Stellar team, awesome paddles, great service. The Rogue 2 will not be my last paddle purchase from Players."
- Jarek Trela, Syracuse, NY


Players Pickleball Rogue SI Gel-Core Paddles

About the Gel-Core Rogue SI and Rogue RSI:

"Played with the paddles tonight. I. Am. Impressed!
Let my [competitor paddle] loving friend play with one and he loved it too. 
Soft, but still enough mass to club the indoor ball around. It’s immediately in the small categories of paddles that I’d play with. My buddy asked me on a scale of 1-10 where I’d rate your paddles. I said 8. For [the price], it’s easily the best value in pickleball now. I used to point folks to the  [competitor paddle] .... but I like yours better. Has finishing touches that paddles at $150 don’t."
- Brandon Swanson, Paddle Geek

"The Players Pickleball Rogue SI Gel-Core brings something unique to the marketplace. I haven’t played with another paddle like it. I’m surprised at how it absorbs so much shock. It’s also an extremely great value. It’s Pickleball Librarian approved!"
- Andrew Evans, The Pickleball Librarian

"I was very impressed by this new entry into the market. It's nice to see a good quality paddle for a nice reasonable price. It's a really nice all-around paddle. A good amount of power, a good amount of touch and feel. Really no negatives. This one really surprised me. I'm glad I took the time to check it out. I definitely recommend it." 
- Jack Bandel, Pickleball Paddle Reviews

"As an ambassador, I’ve had access to numerous paddles. Tried most all of them and felt that nothing could match a [competitor paddle] or [competitor paddle]. Well, I was wrong. I played with the new Rogue gel core last night and all the other manufacturers have just met their match. The touch, feel, pop and grip were all there. It almost felt effortless, which for me is a good thing. And the price..........all for $79. What a deal for greatness. I just ordered #2!"
- Nancy Skinner, USAPA Ambassador, Kirkwood, MO

"The paddle I ordered arrived yesterday and I played 6 games with it this morning.  I LOVE this paddle! It has perfect balance for me, great touch for dinking and soft shots, enough weight for power serves and, the gel core is fantastic at dampening fast shots in a block (there was zero vibration up my arm)."
Susan H

"I Purchased my paddle at the Players tent during a tournament this winter in surprise, Arizona. It had been recommended to me by the owner of Pickleball Rocks. He had purchased one and thought that I would really like it. He was right. I am not a tournament player but I like to be very competitive yet enjoy playing with people of all skill levels. This paddle allows me power but it also gives me control and the soft I need for finesse and drops. I let a few players try out my Rogue today at the Courtyard Tennis Center (West Chester, OH) where we regularly play pickleball during the winter. They were sold and will be ordering theirs right away. If you haven’t given it a try, I recommend you do! The price isn’t bad either!"
- Molly Wray, Lebanon, OH

"The Gel Core approach to "feel" and damping may be right on the money. This paddle is supremely solid feeling, with nary a hot spot or dead zone in sight. NOW...a little bit of "bottom line" talk. This paddle is only SEVENTY bucks!!! HALF the price of many others I own! This paddle has all the attributes I would expect...good edge guard, solid handle, legit butt cap, nice graphics and the playing characteristics I mentioned above...for SEVENTY bucks!!! This is a heck of a value!"
- Rick Norris, South Carolina

"Received my Woodgrain Special Edition Rogue SI just before my first tournament of the year and it propelled me to my first ever pickleball Gold medal in 3.0 Men's Doubles in Trussville, Alabama! Soft feel combined with amazing pop. Lots of folks asking about it as most have not seen it here in central Alabama. Absolutely love the grip size, shape and the Winn feel. Another tournament coming up in Nashville next month. My Rogue SI will be ready! Y'all try it!"
Stan Brown, Alabaster, Alabama

"Your paddle is dope. If Consumer Reports rated paddles, Players Pickleball would be up there close to the top mostly because of bang for the buck. It's almost as if the paddle takes care of my third shot drop on its own. For the price, it's amazing and other players here are getting tired of paying over $100 for certain paddles that can't make it past a couple of years."
- Jeff Doyle, Surprise, Arizona

"I have tried several of the big-name paddle brands but the Players paddle felt the best to me. It has "pop" when you need to slam it and is soft when you are in a dinking battle. The biggest plus for me is that the Gel Core absorbs a lot of the shock especially against bangers. I loaned my paddle to an ambassador of another paddle brand, who played with it all night and was shocked at how great a paddle it was, especially for the price."
- Brandt, Overland Park, KS

I am loving the paddle. I am making shots that I struggled with using my [competitor paddle]. Don't let the price fool won't be disappointed!
- Jane

"Tried the paddle and it was perfect for me, it plays like a [competitor paddle] but with a bigger sweet spot and a softer touch, backhand slices and control are awesome, one of the best paddles I have ever had my hands on. 
Who am I to make this testimonial?
I have tried a lot of paddles from the unbelievable $189 paddle to the cheap Amazon paddles, and everything in between.
The Pros? Of course they will only talk about the paddle they are endorsing, they are paid to do that. I use my own money to buy the paddles and try them, they either get re-sold, traded or kept in a bag as back ups or for friends to use.
Everyone is talking about the thicker core as the new way to go, this innovation crushes that concept!
This company will make a big impact in the pickleball world.
Just try the paddle. You will love this paddle."
- Joseph, Concord, CA

"I have been using the RSI for about a week now and I am truly impressed. It has helped with my “out” balls. And now they have come out with the “Barnwood “ version. When they get the Barnwood paddle in an extended paddle, I will own a second paddle from Players Pickleball"
- Kenny Long, Sun City AZ

"Love this paddle, good power and great control. Best all around paddle I have!!!"
- Bob, Bakersfield, California

"To be totally honest, I didn't expect a paddle that only cost $70.00 to perform anywhere near as well as the paddles I own that were twice that much. These days there are numerous gimmicks and false claims about so many products, including pickleball paddles, one has to be leery. Today, I played six games with my new Gel-core Rogue SI. I could tell, even during my warm up, that this was an exception. The paddle performed exceptionally well in every area of the game. The bottom line is you should try one of the Players paddles while the prices are so reasonable. As many have said in other testimonials, you won't find a better performing paddle for this price."
- Brad, Salem, Oregon

"Have been using your paddle for 2 weeks. It has excellent control and plays with a fast response to shots. I have been playing for 10 years and it's the easiest transitional paddle I have ever tried. I highly recommend this paddle for new players as well as veterans."
Mark Stemerman, The Villages Fl

At this year's 2019 Southwest Regionals, the one paddle that stood out to me the most was the RogueSI. I was impressed by the sophisticated design and selection of bold colors. I tested the quad style and immediately liked how well balanced the paddle felt and more importantly the stability of its strike against the ball. This paddle is exactly in my price range. Lastly, I love the story behind the paddle and let's not forget the cool squirrel mascot. You too can "Be the Squirrel" so check it out.
- Tammy Wright, Youngtown, AZ

Played with my new Rogue SI for the first time today. It is Awesome! Grip is perfect for my hand. The control is amazing. I just love it. Thank you so much.
- Rendy

I am a 4.5 player who has been playing for 3 years. I am an engineer, and a gadget guy. I have purchased around 10 paddles from 5 companies, looking for the one that feels best and gives me an edge. I think I found it here! I was drawn in by the gel-core technology, and the weight distribution to provide larger sweet spot. Price didn't hurt either. First time I played with it, I loved it. Had plenty of pop, but was quieter than any other paddle I have. Loved the weighting, and even in first few games, where I expected the "touch" shots to go awry as I get familiar with a new paddle, things went great. Several of my playing friends noticed the extra speed on put-away shots, and the quiet sound. I would recommend this paddle for sure!
- Chuck

My Rogue SI arrived this morning as I was leaving to play in a round robin. First time use and I won all 6 of my games. It provide my control and enhance my shot placement. I love the feel of the handle and solid ball contact. I have 2 top rated paddles in my bag. One is in 2 weeks old, but the Rogue is now my go to paddle. 
- Tom, Casa Grande, AZ

This paddle is great. The touch and feel are incredible. The "bite" of the surface when it meets the ball has improved my shot accuracy greatly. Players is really on to something. I have been playing for two plus years and am a 3.5 player on a good day. This is my third paddle and it leaves the previous two in the dust. A great paddle at a great price. And, yes, the fit and finish is top notch. (Did I mention I really love it?)
- Bob Trombley, Cincinnati, Ohio

UNBELIEVABLE! I just finished playing for the first time with my Rogue SI and five wins- one loss says it all. This paddle is ridiculous. It is as though it can read my mind. I decided where I wanted the ball to go and it went there. The only times that it didn't was when it was clearly my fault due to a jokingly poor hit. But give it a decent hit and it does exactly what you want. The control is terrific. And power, O.M.G, tons of power and speed.
I have just ordered 3 more paddles, one each for my wife, sister and brother-in-law. After all, they introduced me to the game.
Thank you for making me a much better better player then I was yesterday.
By the way, I don't write testimonials, I am not an ambassador or paid spokesperson. I am just a low intermediate playing at the local YMCA, but you wouldn't have known it by watching me today.
- Charles

Used my gorgeous rainbow hued extended ESL paddle for the first time yesterday and I’m in love. It’s light, the grip is comfortable and the ball seemed to pop of the paddle face with a little more oomph. The sweet spot seems bigger as well. I have a Selkirk blade style paddle as well, and this Rogue seems a bit livelier. Can’t wait to take it for another spin soon.
- Darlene, Oakland, CA





Avant Create Your Own Signature Pickleball Paddle

About the Avant, Create-Your-Own Signature Series Paddle

"Got my beta paddle today. WOOOOOW!!!!! This company is going to take over Pickleball. "

"I am very excited for this paddle to make it to the market. I have longed for a personalized solution that allows you to customize and make a paddle unique and different. You are on to something here. And, the paddle feels like a quality paddle. The fit and finish was nice for a beta paddle."

"Loved this paddle. So easy to play with, although it plays differently from my current paddle, I totally enjoyed it. I really like being able to design my own paddle, it will make it easy to spot in a line of paddles since it will be one of a kind."

    "I put away all my other paddles, this is the only paddle I will ever use again." 
    - Stefan, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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