Customizable Pickleball Paddles

The Players Pickleball paddles were successfully funded on Kickstarter! Our innovative paddle design features:

  • ExoFrame Edge Guard Technology: Get optimal durability and an unrivaled look. No more torn rubber bumpers or damaged cores from corner impacts with the ground.
    ExoFrame Edge Guard
  • Targeted Mass Distribution (TMD): Experience the best paddle balance and control with weight distribution that places the paddle's weight exactly where you want it--and not where you don't.
    Targeted Mass Distribution

  • V-Strut Handle Support: Feel the added rigidity and predictable performance created by our innovative strut design that helps you put the ball exactly where you want it, every time.
    V-Strut Handle Support
  • Design-Your-Own Mix & Match Signature Edition: Design the best paddle for you! Choose the core materials based on your own preference, then mix and match colors to suit your style using our easy and intuitive Paddle Configurator!

    Online Paddle Configurator