Rogue Gel-Core, Customized For You

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NOTICE: With the recent release of the highly-anticipated Rogue2, all Rogue SI, Rogue RSI, and Rogue ESI models will now be sold with the traditional "Classic" edge guard. Photos will be updated shortly to reflect this change.

Gel-Core Second Generation Pickleball Paddle

Rogue Gel-Core, Customized For You

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Customize Your Design

Create your own custom design with us! Ideal for clubs, companies, tournaments, special events, family reunions, and more! Based on your choice of the USAPA-approved Rogue SI or Rogue RSI paddles, your paddles will be custom-made with your own design! Supply your own design or work with us to create one for you.

How it Works 

Simply select the quantity of paddles you'd like to order and complete your purchase. We'll contact you within 24 hours of your order to discuss your design and specifications. The process generally takes less than two weeks and your paddles will be shipped directly from us to you.


  • Trademarked Images: We cannot produce paddles that use trademarked, copyrighted, or otherwise owned images without written consent from the owner. This includes company and team logos, celebrity images, copyrighted slogans, etc.
  • Design Work: If your custom design is not already prepared and requires us to create artwork for you, we may need to charge an additional design fee.


Though it may look like a relatively ordinary paddle, the Rogue is unlike any paddle you've played with before. Our revolutionary Gel-Core technology gives you the predictable performance that makes this paddle feel almost like an extension of your body.

gel-core silicone-infused hybrid core for pickleball paddles

It's got the lightweight feel of a nomex-core paddle with with the control and predictability of a poly-core paddle and has proven its worth in extensive double-blind performance testing with players of all skill levels! It scored significantly higher than two other nomex-core paddles of the same specifications. Read all about Gel-Core, its benefits, and the test results.


“Easily the best value in pickleball now. Has finishing touches that paddles at $150 don’t.”
- Brandon Swanson, The Paddle Geek

“This one really surprised me. I'm glad I took the time to check it out. I definitely recommend it.”
-Jack Bandel,

“If Consumer Reports did pickleball paddle reviews, Players would be at the top”
- Jeff Doyle (4.8) Surprise Pickleball Association, AZ

“I have tried several of the big-name paddle brands but the Players paddle felt the best to me.”
- Brandt, Overland Park, KS

“This paddle brings something unique to the marketplace. It’s Pickleball Librarian Approved!”
- Andrew Evans, Pickleball Librarian

“All the other manufacturers have just met their match.”
- Nancy S, USAPA Ambassador

Read more testimonials here.

Sweet Spot Mapping

We use a bespoke testing fixture to measure the sweet spot in a way never before seen in the sport. Rather than relying on subjective test feedback, we can objectively measure the ball response at controlled locations across the paddle face. Below are the results of the Rogue Gel-Core paddles against two similar shape, size, and weight paddles with standard nomex cores.

Pickleball Paddle Sweet Spot Mapping


Choose any of the 3 Rogue variants:

  • Rogue SI for a traditional "Quad" shape
  • Rogue RSI for a streamlined "Teardrop" shape
  • Rogue ESI for the "Elongated" shape

USAPA Approved

USAPA Approved
The Rogue SI/RSI passes the USAPA specification tests and is approved for use in USAPA Sanctioned Play

Technical Specs

Rogue SI Rogue RSI Rogue ESI


7.8oz (±0.2oz)  7.6oz (±0.2oz)  7.8oz (±0.2oz) 
Overall Length 15-7/8" 15-7/8" 16-7/8"
Overall Width 8" 8" 7"
Grip Winn DryTac
Grip Circumference 4-1/8"
Grip Length 4-5/8"
Honeycomb Material Gel-Core, Silicon-Infused Aramid
Paddle Skin 2-Layer Unidirectional Carbon Fiber
Country of Origin

Made in the USA


USAPA Approved

Return Policy

Limited 30-Day (read details)


30-Day Return Policy

If you're completely unsatisfied with your paddle within the first 30 days, you can return it. Read the complete details.

Taking Care of Your Paddle

To ensure the long life of your paddle, there are just a few precautions to take, both on and off the court:

  • Always Inspect Pickleballs. Small pieces of debris can become embedded in pickleballs during play. Embedded debris can be carried into the paddle face, causing damage. This type of damage is purely cosmetic and does not affect paddle performance or USAPA-approved status, but is not covered under our warranty. Inspect pickleballs regularly before and after play, and periodically during play.
  • Avoid Ground Strikes: The worst thing you can do to a pickleball paddle is strike it into the ground. Paddles are designed to hit pickleballs, not the unforgiving earth. Repeated impacts with the ground will cause damage to the edge guard and core, which can result in loose edge guards, "soft" paddle edges, and more. Paddles with excessive edge guard damage may be considered "abused" and not be covered under warranty.
  • Avoid Extreme Temperatures: Leaving a paddle locked in the car during extreme temperatures can cause permanent and irreversible damage to the paddle. If you're as passionate about pickleball as we are, think of your paddle like you would a pet. Don't leave your paddle anywhere you wouldn't leave your dog!


Unless stated otherwise, all paddles are covered by our warranty. Read the complete details.

International Shipping

If you are ordering from outside the United States, your order may be subject to additional charges related to import duties, taxes, tariffs, customs fees, and more. These fees are outside of our control and are an unfortunate reality of international commerce.